Sunday, March 12, 2017

Getting closer...

It's been a while since I updated my progress. The winter was cold and snowy, which deterred my willingness to work out in the shop. But spring is here now, and I have vowed to finish this before a year is up.

Recently I began painting the interior, and over the last weekend I glued up the inwale. This rail runs inside the boat, and provides a place for the belay pins I wrote about in the previous episode. In the photo (at right) you see the clamps in place on the inwale. There's a bunch of other clutter in the boat as well (as usual). That long stick is to become the tiller (attaches to the rudder, used to steer). The other longer stick will be glued to the opposite side as a inwale as well.

I've also finished building and painting the rudder meanwhile. I think I will install rub rails this week, and seats, and hopefully begin oiling the raw wood that won't be painted. Next week I hope to get the rigging in place. The hull will splash water this spring for sure.