Sunday, April 23, 2017


Well I think I will probably launch this boat next weekend. I've exceeded my 1 year target for completion by a couple of weeks. Finishing all the little pieces is consuming every free moment. Today I worked on getting the trailer set up to accommodate the boat; I put leather and buttons on the oars with mixed success; I mounted some blocks/pulleys on the boat; I installed the last permanent board on the whole boat-- a cap to the center board case. Would we be justified calling this a whiskey plank? And... I placed a silver half-dollar in the mast step.

It's a 1935 "walking Liberty" half dollar. And now that there's a hole through it, the only value it has is for luck or scrap.

I still need to finish screwing the seats down. I'm contemplating whether I might need to put a mizzen mast in the middle of the back seat. Perhaps sea trials will illuminate the worth of this idea.

My next posting will likely be from the launching. Praise be!

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